Friday, October 21, 2011

A "Day Trip" to Paris

For the 'armchair traveler' these new pieces reflect the dream of visiting Paris, for others, it may recall memories of a past holiday. A daily glimpse of Paris will let your imagination transport you to one of the world's most memorable cities. For more information about these pieces, contact Stephanie directly at

"Postcard from Paris II"
8" x 8" Watercolor on Parchment
13" x 13" Greenwich Black Frame with Onyx Double Mat
Available at Motif in Downtown Libertyville

"Autumn in Paris"
8" x 10" Watercolor on Paper
11" x 14" Seville Bronze Frame

"Postcard from Paris IV"
9" x 6" Watercolor on Paper
13" x 10" Seville Bronze Frame

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Works

I am back in the studio creating new pieces after the success of my "A Painting a Day" project. Many of the popular themes and subjects produced during the project are now becoming the focus of more detailed study and exploration.

The new works featured below echo the "Vintage" style that has evolved from my love of antique botanical and naturalist illustration. I have reinterpeted these traditional subjects in a more modern way, combining graphic elements, pattern and text.

"Vintage Butterfly I"
8" x 8" Watercolor on Parchment
12' x 12" Greenwich Deluxe Frame

"Vintage Butterfly II"
7" x 5" Watercolor on Parchment
11" x 14" Roman Bronze Frame