Friday, October 14, 2016

More About "A Painting a Day"

Studio a mess. Creatively blocked. Stuck in a rut. Fixated on images that can't be let go. This describes my current state of mind. It MUST be time for "A Painting a Day!"

What a mess!
Something MUST be done.
Time to get organized for "A Painting a Day!"

This project begins as a bit of "creative housekeeping" for me. I have flat files full of completed and uncompleted works that have been accumulating in my studio. My sketchbooks are full of clippings and unrealized ideas. In order to explore new themes and subjects and start down a new path, I need to clear my mind and my studio of all that I have been holding onto for sooooo long. Sorting through my work, I discovered there are many pieces that I have shelved, that could be brought out and reevaluated. I am also excited to discover that concepts and compositions that I once abandoned, now rekindle my imagination!

Now that I had all of this work that is ready to be reintroduced, what better way to do that, then to benefit an organization that has been a significant part of my artistic life, the David Adler Music & Arts Center!

So, I am now in the process of organizing, planning, scanning, framing, writing and of course, painting to prepare for the project launch on November 1. Some of the works many of you may have seen before, others will touch on familiar themes and subjects that I have explored before, and others still will be entirely new. This is what I love about this project, The David Adler Music & Arts Center. My hope is that at the end of the 30 days, as happened in 2011, I will have exhausted my "creative cache" and be ready to start the new year with a fresh perspective!

I hope you enjoy sharing this experience with me and bidding on these works to bring a little joy to you and yours all in support of a wonderful arts, music and historical treasure, the David Adler Music & Arts Center.

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