Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Playful Pup"

7" x 5" Gouache on Black Paper
Contact Stephanie to purchase this painting
"A Painting A Day"
to Benefit The Lake County Haven

Lab lovers will no doubt recognize the playful pose of my dog Bandit. His leaping contortions as we play ball are the model for this painting.

This painting is quite a departure for me on several levels. First, I have chosen to use gouache (opaque watercolor paint) and have
applied it with very little water. It is painted on black paper. I love the way the black comes through the background, accentuating the brush strokes and adding to the sense of movement in the piece. The composition and technique are both very simple and the final painting is much more graphic.

This painting is offered for sale on ebay. Custom matting and framing is included when the bid meets the amount required in the description.

9" x 11", Chelsea Black frame with
Bright White over Onyx mats
A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Lake County Haven to help it fulfill its mission to empower homeless women and their children to achieve permanent, independent living. Founded in 1992, the Haven fulfills its mission by providing shelter, housing, and professional services in support of its residents and graduates. 

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